Mahdi Muda

Mahdi Muda

Chief Executive Officer

As ICT proliferation spreads across the many and varied industries, he has gained significant industrial knowledge every time he customised and presented telecommunication and ICT services and solutions to the respective industries such as oil and gas, finance and banking, health and government agencies

Through the years, Ir. Mahdi Muda has acquired in-depth knowledge and experiences in managing and operating information and telecommunication based business operations. The 11 years working experience in Telekom Malaysia, specifically Network Section, Information Technology Division moulded his managerial and technical skills. He was responsible for the management and operation of the entire Telekom Malaysia internal IT network.

He complemented his technical know-how with business, commercial and marketing skills when he devoted the subsequent 3 years of his working life to TIME Telecommunications Sdn Bhd starting 1995. In TIME, he customised ICT-solutions focusing on customers’ requirement operating with TIME infrastructures. In 1997, the convergence of telecommunication and Information Technology took centre-stage in Malaysia.

He leveraged the presented opportunities and initiated his own business operation – and is operational to this date, primarily focusing on consulting and project management services for telecommunication engineering and Information Communication Technology (ICT) services. He provides ICT design, consultation and project management services for wide-ranging industries in Malaysia requiring ICT solutions to remain competitive in their respective market place.

During the early years with Telekom Malaysia - than was a government-based entity - telecommunication department and now is a leading public-listed telecommunication operator in Malaysia, when he first started his carrier, he was directly involved with the development of an integrated and multi protocol IT network for Telekom Malaysia’s internal networking requirement. The IT network was deployed and to-date still operational to interconnect more than 600 Telekom Malaysia’s work locations throughout the country to the centralised computing systems in Kuala Lumpur. During the same period, he was instrumental in providing the design, development, operation and management of the network infrastructure to support Telekom Malaysia’s implementation of the many and varied IT-applications, such as Human Resource Management, Billing, Project Management, Inventory Management and Customer Care Systems, that are required to support the business.

An opportunity was created for him when the Government of Malaysia liberalised the telecommunication industry in 1994. A new telecommunication operator, TIME Telecommunications Sdn Bhd – now TIME Dotcom, was looking for the head of product development and marketing. He took the challenge to harness his non-technical, product development, business and marketing aspect of telecommunication industry where he was responsible for the management of product development life-cycle for all products and services TIME Telecommunications Sdn Bhd offered the market. The responsibilities primarily centred in the product life cycle program inclusive of product design, market research, product development, launch, maintenance and finally product discontinuance program. He was constantly out to provide technical and marketing support for the Sales Department in closing business deals for TIME.

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