Research & Development

Research & Development

Prototyping, Case Study & Whitepaper

Nematix has one of the most advanced and up-to-date Research and Development Departments in the technology consultancy area. With top-of-the-line equipment and enhanced systems, Nematix spends a major amount of revenue on the upgradation of their Research and Development Department; which is why it is always updated with the latest tools and techniques. Whether a client hires Nematix for technology consultancy or a training program, Nematix uses the latest techniques to fulfill the needs of the client.

Nematix aims at being the number one technology provider to all the various levels of an organization and the community as a whole. This is the sole reason why the primary focus of Nematix is to satisfy customers in the best way possible. Prioritizing customer satisfaction is what has helped Nematix to climb the ladder of success in such a short time span.

There is a wide range of products and services which Nematix offers to organizations from all around the world. Nematix provides a perfect blend of service and quality, and this is the reason why Nematix has become the number one choice of all successful business owners. Nematix has been providing top-quality software engineering combined with product innovation and top-of-the-line R&D services for the past 17 years, which makes Nematix one of the most experienced technology consultancy companies.

Areas of Focus

Our exploration of science & technology is fueled by both innovation inside Nematix and a coordinated effort with our partners. Our research activity has a wide and varied focus on technology, ideas and market demand. Our R&D activities incorporate product prototyping, applied research, advanced digital products, telematic requisitions, sensor network systems, and more.

Our Approach

Our R&D Department focuses on tackling complex client issues. This work makes Nematix a vital partner in our clients' prosperity. Discovering better, more compelling ways to meet regularly tightening administrative regulations drives product creation and innovation. Lastly, our in-house development of new sciences uncovers opportunities for Nematix to unravel industry-wide difficulties. Worldwide collaboration between our team and international partners, ensures our products and services function and excel on a global scale, further securing Nematix's spot as a pioneer in the industry.


To complement our skills and advance our innovation armamentarium, we continuously search for joint efforts and partnerships outside of Nematix. We are constantly motivated by building important relationships. This provides opportunities for our partners around the world to gain access to engineering solutions, synergistic recommendations and new products or concepts that combine science and innovation. This new online gateway gives us access to potential partners to enable us to discuss new technologies or concepts.